What to Expect from the Bail Bonds Procedure

How does this Bail Bonds thing work?

What can you expect?

Following an arrest and setting of bail, the defendant, a friend, or a relative will contact a bail bonds company. Many times these individuals have never gone through this process before and have a lot of questions. The bond company  representative will ask a few questions relating to the arrest and the bail seeker’s relationship to the defendant, and should take the time to answer any questions/concerns of the person seeking bail.

If you choose to purchase a bail bond, basic documents will be processed and need to be signed. These include a bail bond application, Indemnity Agreement, and receipt. The paperwork can be often be processed by e-mail and fax in a few minutes or a licensed agent can meet the client at their location or at the jail.

After the paperwork is finalized, a licensed agent will file, or “post”, the bond with the jail which will result in the release of the defendant. Jail facilities will vary in the amount of time to process the bond and release the detained individual. From start to finish, this bail agency will generally complete the paperwork and posting process in 1-2 hours. For this service, the customer is charged a bail bond fee – 10% in the state of California as mandated.

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